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Opinions and Bitterness

Posted: November 21, 2016 in Opinions, Pissed off, Ranting, Sarcasm


November podcast is done Click here to listen

Verizon wireless has screwed up big time and this crap came back to haunt me since October 20, 2016


As you listen to the podcast you can see by this photo what I was most angry about, adding phones lines without my knowledge then trying to charge me for disconnecting them.


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Dam it I got to vent!

Posted: September 21, 2016 in Pissed off, Ranting

All morning long I have been trying to read the news off of the Yahoo web site but the blasted ads and redirects during the time I was reading an article has just got me pissed offblogpost, what the hell happened with ad blockers did all those internet guru’s go broke because all those suckers that was born every minute not see their web site? the internet is going backwards not forwards so I guess greed has once again taken over. What all this ads and banner ads do is bog down your browser and some ads are down right hostile and they have added the ability to show ads that you might have browsed while shopping online, now that’s scary and a bit of eves dropping on your privacy Don’t ya think????. Yes we all love shopping online and getting our stuff right at our front doors (I love it) but since we are suppose to be intelligent beings we know which online shopping we like we don’t need to be bomb barded with flashing miss leading ads, but ok a few suggested shopping web site would not be to bad if they was subtle. To sum up my bitches and grips is if your reading an article your page should not just jump over to a ad page so Yahoo you’ve gotten a bit hostile.

Good morning bloggers

Posted: May 6, 2016 in General, Ranting


Yesterday’s all day chat was a lot of fun if you missed it you can always join in next Thursday 5/12/16 Click Here for Link or if your seeing this from another social media site you will have to come here then read the post again to see the link

The day is just starting and I’m having morning coffee so who knows what the day will bring.

On another note I would like to bitch about all the rain we have been having, my yard had never completely dried up from the big flood last month making lawn mowing almost imposable without sinking the riding mower, the grass is growing wild and I can only imagine what my neighbors must be thinking because their yards are level and not many places standing water like my yard is because I have so much more land than they do, by the time the ground dries up I’ll need a brush hog instead of a riding mower.


 The Alliance:

The expansion of “Warlords of Draenor” must have been with the Horde in mind this time around, I played my alliance character last night and the game play was not so different from what is already in the game Example: a few mentions of the Iron horde but other wise it seemed like an expansion of the outland area called Shattrath. I found myself very bored and unfocused, but I made myself play on until I got my Draeni hunter to Level 92. I do have to admit that the alliance garrison’s are nicer than the horde garrison each player can get as a home base of operations. I won’t be mentioning game play again in the blog but I did want to touch base with my followers who do play the World of Warcraft game as I do. I rag on all kinds of stuff here so this is just another bitch I had to add to my opinions. Happy gaming all and if you have never played but would like to then maybe you should go to the Blizzard web site and give it a try get a free account now 


World of Warcraft “Warlords of Draenor

  • I have been playing the new expansion since it was released on November 11, I haven’t had time to explore every thing yet but the things I have explored kind of rub me the wrong way, in my opinion the crafting professions should be reworked I think it sucks the way it is set up Example: Fishing you catch small, regular. or enormous, ok I can live with that but….what I can’t live with is this: Fishing small fish=combine 20, regular fish=combine 10 WTF? who has all day to stand there and fish.
  • Lets move on to Mining you get regular ore then you get fragments of ore which again combine 10 to get 1 ore, the same applies to Herbs etc. there is no smelting of ore in this crafting so a professions gatherer just gets stuff and can sell at the auction house but it makes maxing those skills a very slow process. old skill level was 600 now it is 700. Since each profession uses other raw materials the prices at the auction house have always been way to high but now the prices are really way to ridiculous to even comprehend, my solution has always been to have a character each with a different profession and that way I can just email a character what they need. Lets move on:

Game Play: What a constant cluster fuck! the quest NPC’s send you in all directions and it’s hard to stay on track for the story line but you do still need to do all quest, there are bonus quest which can land you some serious exp points and gold, but I have to say this again: what a constant cluster fuck! it’s non stop fighting and can be exhausting for me mentally (same in dungeons for me) all in all I don’t mind the game play but it feels like it’s taking forever to level up, with all the fighting and side quests it feel like I should be leveling up faster. Long road to get from level 90 to 100. Hang in there gamers



Get a grip on reality here people, when out in the woods depending on the person they are either in nature lover bliss, creeped out factor mode, or hunters paradise. The eyes see what you want them to see and creepy woods can play tricks with the vision, and I think the people are seeing bears or maybe even shadows in the branches of trees. Lets play a what if game for a moment and say there is such a creature ok? first… what if it’s a rip in dimensions and people are seeing just a glimpse of the other side does this sound possible to you? second…what if it is people with a genetic flaw that allows hair to grow all over their body and they hide from the world to avoid people’s stupidity? (there was a bearded lady in the circus…that was a genetic flaw) Even my own parents say they saw a tall hairy man wearing overall’s up at the property in the deep woods of Louisiana, my Dad said he was working on his water well pump and was knelling down fixing it when someone came up behind him and just stood there, he looked over his shoulder and saw bare ginger colored hairy feet, he turned back to support his self to get up to greet the man but when he got up and turned there was no one there, but this very hairy man was really tall and wearing overall’s so that tells me it was a human being. Genetic flaw sounds much more believable then some ape like creature roaming around with no proof to even support the theory. Hiding from society rather than shaving entire body hair makes more sense than any thing else. This is open to discussion and debate so feel free   

The Sims4 is just boring

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Ranting


I have been trying out the new Sims4 and find it  a mixed bag of good and bad, yes I know that for now the new release is just the base game, but it only takes about a week to just get bored with the game. Since this time around the Sims are driven my emotions not motivations I find that their mood swings are to frequent to set any kind of goals for them since they change from one minute to the next, they also have the ability to multitask which in my opinion leads to what appears to be A.D.D in human terms. I can’t tell you how many times I got annoyed when I wanted the Sim to do something and they start doing the task but quickly side track to do something else, yes I could turn free will off but then I would have to control every minute of their lives which at times I don’t want to do because I like for my Sims to form their own story line by their actions. There was way to much basic content removed in this base game so now Maxis is adding what should have been included into three installments. October brought back ghost, November brings back the swimming pools and I have forgotten what comes back in December.  Those things should have came with the base game but for some reason didn’t, I am so ready for a expansion pack or a stuff pack or something more to do and explore, if it does not come soon I was just continue playing the World of Warcraft game. Enough ranting for now it’s been fun but I gotta run C YA!