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When is the best time to online date?

Posted: December 11, 2019 in Did you know?

As we approach Christmas season (though, I’m already starting to hear Christmas music … too soon!), I want to talk about whether there is a best time of year to do online dating or meet someone.

online_datePeople ask me the same question all the time: “Is there a best time of year to do online dating?” In short, the answer is no. I would first say that the best time for you to do online dating is when you’re emotionally ready and available for it.

Remember that online dating takes time and energy, both the literal kind and the emotional kind. Online dating is not simply about writing a few lines as quickly as you can and posting it to see who writes to you … or doesn’t. It’s about being creative, proactive, and patient. Once you’ve crossed that emotional threshold and you’re ready to take the online dating plunge (the prerequisite, if you will), there is one time of year that it may suit you well to log-on: the week between Christmas and New Year’s. And if that goes well, ride that wave all the way through Valentine’s Day.